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Giving Water to the Dead..

Drink What I Used to Be.

Fans of Ego Likeness
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please keep entries ON TOPIC. spamming for other communities is allowed, but only if it is related (similar bands or events etc). excessive and off topic spamming will result in banning, but i really don't think it is going to be a problem here. :)

for codes for the banners and icons etc go to the memories.
more stuff coming soon...
please feel free to use these banners to "spam" other communities...but do so nicely! please follow other communities' rules etc regarding advertising other communities. thanks!

there was some other stuff i wanted to write, but i am tired and i have to get away from my computer before my eyes fall out!
more community changes coming soon! keep spreading the word about this community! we already have 23 members in less than a week-now all we need is people to post. Steven have some contests going involving t shirts and tattoos....ego_likeness so go look there! more info soon etc. bye

-Community Maintainer Lauren
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